On the Road again…NOT!!!

Well, here I am, once again having to cancel/delay a trip. One would think I would be accustomed to this, but I always have hope and expectation that we will actually be able to stick to our plans ?.

I can look at it in several ways. If the short video we made comes up below, You can see the way I chose to handle it However, I will explain it, as well. As I mention in the video, the reason we choose to go “glamping” is because if we need to cancel, there is not much monetary loss. We don’t have to pay for hotels we didn’t stay at, airfare we didn’t get to use, or other expenses. The loss is mainly emotional and fraught with disappointment. (Did I REALLY just use the word “fraught”?). And that’s loss enough.

So….there are other mitigating circumstances, as well, that make it ok to delay our trip. I choose to look at it as a positive. Having said that, it was a process it took me awhile to arrive at, and it wasn’t easy.

One thing I decided to do, was concentrate on how to blog/vlog, use YouTube, Instagram, and teach myself how to edit pictures and videos. At least, that’s my intention. As I mentioned before, I am the queen of procrastination. I do not like to be that way, for sure. I believe I know the reason. I feel that I won’t do a good job, that I won’t be able to figure it out (and believe me, I have spent many, many hours trying to figure out how to “do” social media). I wonder how many people can relate to putting things off because of this reason.

Here is how my morning went…I woke up full of good intentions to get busy on all of this. Oh, but wait, before I can do ANYTHING, I must have a good, healthy breakfast so I can ensure my brain is working at its full capacity. Oh WAIT, I need to make sure to get in all my supplements. Done. Oh WAITI need to make sure my husband has all his supplements in order. Oh WAIT, laundry…I need to get that started so things can be getting clean as I am working. Oh WAIT, I have to make sure the kitchen is clean. After all, how can I work in my office if there are dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. Oh WAIT, I need to get dressed. How can I possibly work if I am in my pjs? My brain can’t function that way. Oh WAIT, I have to cut my fingernails so I can type more accurately. Oh WAIT, OH WAIT, OH WAIT! Sigh…

Against all odds, I am here, finally typing. And I’m sure it won’t be good enough…?