Welcome Fellow MS Walkers!

I was soooo excited to be able to participate in the MS Walk this year! I have done it several years in a row, but was unable to do it last year due to health issues. In just the past week, I was able to rally and get a wonderful team together! It consisted of family members as well as awesome friends. At the walk, I handed out homemade candles along with cards about my website. In doing this, I am committing myself to keeping current on the website and adding information and continuing with the blog.

The Weather miraculously held up for the walk, and the turnout was great! I saw so many folks in all different stages of MS and it was so inspiring. I even met a very sweet chaplain who doesn’t even know anyone with MS, but she came to help with set up. She said she had health problems herself, but she wanted to attend the walk to become inspired by us! How cool is that! She certainly made an impact on me, as well.

So, welcome to anyone who stops in here and reads this. I hope to be of encouragement and also to set up some info as to how we all cope with this “insidious” disease. Please bear with me as I try to navigate this computer. Folks also saw some of my dishes I prepared and expressed the desire for some recipes. Good idea! Thank you!