On the Road again…NOT!!!

Well, here I am, once again having to cancel/delay a trip. One would think I would be accustomed to this, but I always have hope and expectation that we will actually be able to stick to our plans 🤣. I can look at it in several ways. If the short video we made comes up below, You can see the … Continue reading


at least while you are on vacation! We decided we just needed a bit of time away...and what is better than visiting the beautiful wilderness of Colorado! So close, and yet so far from everyday worries and problems.We basically went in lieu of our trip to Costa Rica. … Continue reading


So, I have been wanting to start a blog/vlog for over two years now!  Since I am a PROCRASTINATING PERFECTIONIST (can anyone relate?), I have not done it.  My ultimate purpose is to share my story and adventures, my ups and down, my challenges and successes to those of you who need encouragement … Continue reading