ORGANIZATION??? Why didn’t I think of that??

I have had a dilemma, oh, for some years now. When I use to have a formal job, I was VERY organized with my day and got a lot accomplished. When I was busy with kids and work and various scheduled activities, I made every moment count, most of the time. I didn’t have the luxury of relaxing.

But NOW, I feel like I just muddle through the day, spinning my wheels, getting nothing done. I frankly waste a lot of time!

So, I have always had a planner. And I make lists. And when I finish a task or event, I check it off. If you don’t finish it, I was advised, carry it over into the next day. So, I dutifully do that. Then it goes into the next day, then the next, then the next, then after a few days, I just forget to go to my planner. Nothing gets done. And I continue to waste time, to be unproductive. Before I know it, days have passed, then weeks, then months. Nothing gets done.

So, some weeks ago, I came down with a serious illness and landed in the hospital for three days, came home with a PICC line and gave myself 10 days of antibiotics. Due to this, I have had some EXCELLENT home care. I eagerly take in everything I can.

I brought up this issue to Monica, my OT (Occupational Therapist). She gave me a wonderful idea, to MAKE A TIMELINE, as if I were working at a job. Now, I am a relatively intelligent person, and I am thinking, “Really? Why did I NOT think of this??”

So, I am making it very specific. Here is an example:

  • 8:00—–get up, make bed
  • 8:15—-do devotional and meditation
  • 9:00—-eat breakfast and take supplements
  • 10:00–work on emails, go to FB, and work on blog
  • 11:00–PT
  • 12:00–lunch

So, that’s the general idea. And of course it will change day to day, week to week, as my health waxes and wanes…

Again, why didn’t I think of that?? Maybe because with MS, I sometimes need a little helpful nudge. Or a BIG one!!

So, one of my weekly goals is to get a blog published. It does not have to be perfect and it does not have to be lengthy, but that is what I am committing to do. I want to be productive…I want to get things accomplished. And I am not going to read and reread what I wrote. Only once, for glaring errors. I desire to relinquish my role as a procrastinating perfectionist!

I will be back here by next Sunday, and probably sooner. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Feedback will be much appreciated as to how you all tackle this issue!

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  1. Why didn’t I think to tell you that?? Jk! Great idea. Having a schedule always seems to keep me organized and motivated. Even when I was on bedrest, I was up every morning and logged into my work computer at my normal start time! I fell out of cycle after lincoln was born and it felt disorganized. Good job staying on track it looks!!

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