at least while you are on vacation! We decided we just needed a bit of time away…and what is better than visiting the beautiful wilderness of Colorado! So close, and yet so far from everyday worries and problems.We basically went in lieu of our trip to Costa Rica. We were in the middle of planning a wonderful trip and a ridiculous flare-up once again ruined our plans. I felt very discouraged. We had our plane tickets and most of our “hotel” reservations, including my dream of staying in a treetop. We planned how we would rent a car and travel throughout the country, being gone for almost a month. Oh, what a wonderful trip it was going to be!But, alas, MS reared its ugly head and just laughed at me. Yeah, right, what are you thinking??? There is NO WAY you are going to be able to have fun like that. So, we cancelled all of our reservations. I had to get a note, like a school child, to get our money back. Depression set in. I am NEVER going to plan a trip again. This is not the first time I have had to cancel something and I am NOT going to go through THAT again. I am just going to sit home from now on. This is too hard. What am I thinking…that I have the energy, the stamina, the health to EVER go anywhere again. Worms…I am going to just eat worms.But, I don’t think I would like the taste of worms. So, I did end up going to the neurologist and she prescribed home health and a round of steroids. I couldn’t decide…they couldn’t get me in until the following week, so I pondered my situation over the weekend and thought, “Why don’t I just wait awhile, try to work it out on my own and see what happens.” Long story short, I didn’t do the steroids, did alternative things, and I didn’t need them.So…that’s where the camping trip came in. After awhile, when I became more able, we decided to traverse some of Colorado. We purchased a motor home some time ago and have started “glamping” (a term for glamorous camping). The main reason for that, I am embarrassed to say, is because I always have a bathroom…unless we are kayaking or biking or hiking or exploring…but I manage better that way. And if I am exhausted, I can rest, in the comfort of my own “home”.We still are able to go in remote places, which I love. When I am in nature, I feel whole, and it invigorates me. I see the beauty of God’s creation everywhere I look, and I feel loved.This is the video I took as we began our camping adventure.  The lyrics of the song that was playing on the radio say it all.  Talk about coincidence!!


  1. Nothing is a coincidence! God has a sense of humor too! Love that you were still able to get away. Very cool video!!

  2. I love how you write and invite your readers into your world. All the beauty, all the passion, as well as all the dirty truth. ???

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